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Your team is part of a chain of employees, suppliers, contract manufacturers, end-users, and even consultants with each performing a pivotal role in the design and validation of new products.
Cloud Collaborative Design

SolidFace enables you to securely share product data collaboratively with external contractors and suppliers and provide the right level of permission for them to view, edit or comment your designs.

Improving Communication

It is fundamental to ensure that all project members, from the design team through to manufacturing and assembly, are on the same page. SolidFace enables teams to work together from any location in the world.

Organizing Design Projects

Controlling user access and managing each responsibility and authority gives you greater control over the design process and enables you to adjust resource allocations where necessary. Design revision and audit activities often uncover errors or omissions that require design modifications.

Who we are

Developing innovative Solutions for your Design

Collaborative Solutions for your Design yields the finest cost-benefit ratio

Parameterization and Simulation

Throughout the entire design process, SolidFace offers parameterization capacity, which is one of its greatest advantages. Movement Simulation and collision test of complex 2D and 3D mechanisms is another key capacity.

Data Management

Built-in version control and simple management tools enables easy integration with a separate PDM system. Your team and you are always on the latest design data.

3D Part Library

More than 100 million part numbers from top distributors and manufacturers of components. Integrated with TraceParts Portal in accordance with ISO, ANSI, DIN, NF, GB, ASME and others standards.

Years of Experience

Establish Global Partnership Between Clients and Designers

Premium Services

Save your collaborative projects on dedicated servers.

Affordable Prices

Monthly fee for a year-long subscription

Partner with us for Design Development

Design professional 2D Drawings or complex 3D Solid and Surface Models using top-down or bottom-up methodologies. Feel the collaborative and associative design intent with inter-part building. The product has a robust features set of powerful parametric capabilities, enabling you to speed up your design even further.

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Partner Companies

Join us for simple and powerful design development.

Collaborative Modeling

Collaboration amongst partners will be the most challenging part of design and manufacturing. The virtual 3D model can be distributed to the remote partners for editing, evaluation, and providing comments.

3D Data Link

SolidFace provides a data model that recognizes and describes the relationships of a 3D spatial unit to other levels of encoding. The link between the various geometrical and semantic aspects of 3D data and other data sources can cause issues to be detected when the data are integrated.

Parameterization and Simulation

Parametric modeling is an approach to CAD/CAM; it is also referred to as “feature-based modeling” because each solid body and/or surface is created through a series of subsequent modeling operations called “features”. The product also allows easy parametric 2D and 3D simulation of movement with clash tests.

Drawings, Parts, and Assemblies

Develop associated drawings from 3D part or assembly models with standard, auxiliary, and section views. Link together a group of solid parts, bringing them together into a collection of assembly components to create a single product. Enable Explosion View of connected parts.

Videos and Tutorials

Our free tutorial video makes it easy to help you create professional-quality modeling components. Most of them come with the model file associated with the tutorial. Simply choose one from our list created with a specific purpose in mind: to teach you how to create each step of 2D and 3D design.

Design Community

We are creating a collaborative workspace design community where you can offer or receive solutions to product development. Creation can be a challenging process. Being in a community and discussing the individual and shared issues of being a designer or a creator can lead to surprisingly good solutions.

Why Choose us

Partner with us for 3D Modeling Design

Create complex and detailed parts and assemblies with built-in standard hardware and parts linked to other projects or libraries. Create movement simulations and test collisions. Design parts in-context and manage updates efficiently. SolidFace’s unique parametric capabilities and collaboration module eliminate the problem of broken links and missing files.

Expertise in Collaborative Design

Real-time collaboration on documents. The ability to work from anywhere and all files for projects in one accessible place. Post your project to experts in the SolidFace community.

Hybrid Sollution

SolidFace Modeler is a hybrid solution that runs on both desktop and cloud platforms and yields faster results.

Security You Can Trust

Track and validate single project steps. Share models collaboratively in real time, all over your control!

New Trend

in Mechanical, industrial and civil design and even for school training The remote office is a new trend and collaboration plays a key role.

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Track and validate single project steps. Share models collaboratively in real time.

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