SolidFace 3D CAD


CAD Parameterization 2.0

Create parametric solid models with an ordered list of understandable modeling features (sketch, extrude, fillet, shell, etc.) and, by changing dimension values – or adding, editing, reordering or deleting features –  all linked models will be automatically update.

Parametric & Simulation

The parameterization capability is one of the greatest advantages of SolidFace, and it is present in all design steps. 3D Motion simulation is no different; the simulation is updated simultaneously with the movement.

Standard Content

You can easily create "stacks" of fasteners, such as bolt-washer-washer-nut, in any order you like. As you add any new fastener anywhere within a stack, the other fasteners shift to accommodate it without requiring you to manually delete, create or debug mates.

Open Configuration

In SolidFace, you can configure specific dimension values and feature suppressions. In addition to practically everything, including things like continuous values and even entity selection sets. Directly insert parts into assemblies. Navigate a list of names, in every possible permutation, with the original configuration options visible.

Managed In-Context Design

SolidFace CAD users can add in-context relationships between parts in the context of an assembly, so modifying one part will affect another. By, changing in-context parts or their parent assemblies will alter other family parts in predictable and correct ways.

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