SolidFace 3D CAD


Our 3D CAD solution provide easy-to-learn, yet complete and powerful features that speed your product development, reduces costs and enhance your ROI.

Why Choose SolidFace 3D CAD?

Dramatically improve the way you develop and manufacture products. Our CAD packages cover design, simulation, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, Collaboration, sustainable design, and data management.

Flexibility in the Design

Our multi-purpose solution allows you to create with the flexibility to switch or incorporate different designs quickly and reduce development costs. For flexibility in design to be successful, it requires the insights of your most talented engineers. Enable every engineer, user, or stakeholder to explore new design scenarios, using the right data, without affecting each other’s work. Every edit and every design change is recorded, so your team can experiment with confidence. Errors and bad design decisions are easily undone, while the best ideas can be merged back into the main design.h

Product Quality and Accuracy

Quality is a standard benchmark many customers use when choosing a supplier; price is meaningless if the quality of the end product is compromised. Unplanned downtime can cost you thousands of dollars per minute, accuracy, and attention to detail are the most important factors when designing a new product. SolidFace integrated modules enable related parts and subassemblies to be designed together, capturing design intent and ensuring that every part updates correctly when changes occur. Design data is always up to date, so when another user makes a change, the entire team instantly knows about it. Errors are minimized, and every part fits together perfectly – the first time.

Improving Communication

Manufacturing products overseas drastically increases the importance of communication. Different time-zones, teams, and language barriers make design reviews complicated, so it is fundamental to ensure that all project members, from the design team through to manufacturing and assembly, are on the same page. SolidFace enables teams to work together from any location in the world.

Reducing Time to Market

Creating a working prototype is just the start. Taking into consideration feedback to find the final form, fit, and function that your team agrees on requires multiple design iterations in the shortest amount of time. With technologies innovations evolving constantly, it’s no surprise that speed to market usually wins.

Best Manufacturability

Initial design decisions have a significant impact on product costs. Involving manufacturing partners with domain expertise is critical to the success of your product. SolidFace enables you to securely share product data with external contractors and suppliers and provide the right level of permissions for them to view or edit your designs. Ignoring these new methods will increase the risk of creating a product that is either too expensive to manufacture or one that will cost much more than what your target customers are willing to pay.

Organizing Design Projects

Your team is part of a chain from employees, suppliers, contract manufacturers, end-users, and even consultants with each performing a pivotal role in the design and validation of new products. Controlling user access and managing each responsibility and authority gives you greater control over the design process and enables you to adjust resource allocations where necessary. Design revision and audit activities often uncover errors or omissions that require design modifications. Corrective and preventive actions sometimes fix one set of issues, while inadvertently causing others, so it’s important to carefully manage the change control process and to document and communicate all changes to all users. You and your team make continuos design decisions. These decisions can directly affect end-users, it’s critical to maintain an easily accessible design history about the project. SolidFace captures and records every edit made by every engineer for the lifetime of a project. Your designs are always up to date and no data is ever lost or destroyed.
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