SolidFace 3D CAD


3D Collaboration, Data Management & Community

SolidFace built-in Collaboration and Data Management tools eliminate the need for a separate PDM system.

Share Your CAD Not Your Files

Instantly share your project with your team or supply chain using your software. Control which users can view, edit and/or export design data. Access permissions can be modified or revoked when a project is complete, providing secure control over your intellectual property.

Branch, Merge, Compare

Teams can envision multiple design alternatives and make changes at the same time, in one unique workspace branched from the main design. Differences between the models can be visually compared or inspected at the feature level, and the best ideas merged back into the main design.

Simplified UI

We present a simplified user interface which is ideal for all kinds of users such as sales, marketing, suppliers and customers, making it simples for them to find the information they need without any formal training

Versions and Edit History

Every design modification made by a team member is added and recorded in real-time and retained for the lifetime of a project. An audit trail details of who made what change and when is highlighted in the product design tree. Each event can be viewed, compared, and restored, providing unlimited undo/redo.

Task Management

Job tasks can be assigned to other team members by inputing their name/key in comments attached to the 3D model or by selecting their name from a predefined approvers list. Each user's open request is listed as due action over the collaboration icon and ready to be review or release quickly.

Simultaneous Editing

Entire workgroups (with edit permissions) can simultaneously edit the same assembly, the same part and even the same sketch for a truly collaborative workflow. All modifications occur in real-time, so everyone sees every design change instantly. SolidFace versions, History and branching make it easy to manage teams working concurrently on the same design.

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