SolidFace 3D CAD

SolidFace a complete 3D builder.

The SolidFace 3D builder lets you open a drawing in just a matter of seconds while maintaining the opportunity to add and edit annotations within the drawing. Detailing the framework is especially beneficial if you need to make short edits to drawings of large assemblies or drawings with various sheets, configurations, or resource-intensive sights.

SolidFace 3D builder software allows you to bring any drawing up quickly without bringing up all of the 3D models in the environment. It’s like you’re viewing at a JPEG picture and BOOM. It arises merely like that, and you can begin working right away.

Part of the increased velocity equation is that our 3D builder fully supports high-end 3D Cards for models. By taking the support of modern OpenGL (4.5) and hardware-accelerated rendering, SolidFace provides a more sensitive real-time display for large designs, which involves a high level of detail and faster frame rate when you pan or zoom.

SolidFace Assembly Power.

The 3D builder viewer helps you enhance design agility by allowing you to include components from a top-level assembly as envelopes in a sub-assembly. Let’s say you make up a large instrument assembly. It used to be that if you documented something else in the assembly in another location or a sub-assembly, they live together only at the top-level assembly. In addition you had to have the entire assembly into the screen with all the current, correct parts included. Now it is possible to push or distribute parts from any higher-level assembly as integrates into the sub-assembly you want to focus. Now anytime you need to work on that sub-assembly, you can open it without the need to open the entire top-level assembly.

The new 3D builder dramatically decreases the number of parts that need to be opened, thereby reducing open times with the added benefit of decreasing clutter on the screen.

3D Builder

Design Review and Editing of Large Assemblies.

In the new 3D builder, we produced a much more agile way of designing large assemblies by enabling you to edit your assembly. Just to review, the SolidFace 3D builder is the fastest way to present, look, measure, and now publish your assembly inside Solidface. Do it without needing to do upfront work, such as create configurations or use various other techniques. You can use your design without needing to bring up all of the complex component information; it introduces just the info would have to be able to view, measure, and edit the assembly-making it very fast.

First, the 3D builder works within SolidFace seamlessly integrated. This means you can view these reference functions in the assembly module in addition to hiding/Show them. Reference functions include conventional planes, origin, reference planes, axes, reference points, and coordinate systems. And second, you can produce and edit linear and circular component designs when you write an assembly in the assembly module.

All these performance improvements in SolidFace 2020 were created due to the point we know you need your CAD software to run faster and better, allowing you to be extra productive. Keep entrusting us with your consumer improvement requests, please, and we’ll keep responding with improvements to our 3D builder.

Making it fun.

Another goal with this 3D builder was making it fun for all ages; our team wished to share our enthusiasm for 3D modeling along with our community. We realized we wanted to continue giving and uniting with our community. All companies have some challenges when promoting communication and building a sense of community. Employees at SolidFace use our technology to bring people together. 

SolidFace platform was created to support companies collaborate and connect. We have a goal to create a grouped community on the platform for several users to join. We are allowing collaboration between regions. Everyone will be able to start using it as a way to connect and communicate. 

3D Builder

How to get started.

So, you just purchased SolidFace or our free test version, and you’ve got tasks to do. Where can you start? SolidFace includes a complete large amount of useful resources to help with several tasks greatly. 

Make use of the following resources to obtain up and running in no time.

Registering Your License.

One of the first tasks needed when using SolidFace for the first time is activating your license. When you first open Solidface after installing it, you may be advised to activate your product(s). The activation process is shown below but is mainly done through two options: 

The PTV version will auto-generate a key for your use. If you have a paid version, then you need to input the key you receive through email.

Check Out the Learning Portal.

The Learning Portal provides access to several Solidface videos on how to use the 3D builder tools conveniently located in one place for our users. These videos help you with the latest releases of Solidface, and the user manual can be viewed directly from the software or download on our website (where you can search for known features and common questions). 

Use Built-In Tutorials (User Manual).

SolidFace incorporates a wide variety of tutorials covering various subjects, which are another significant first step in learning this 3D builder software. These tutorials are available in the SolidFace help tab in the task manager (under Welcome to SOLIDFACE), or under the Help menu (Help > SOLIDFACE user manual). They include a collection of skills that range from beginner topics, all of the real solutions to challenging issues. 

For a far more in-depth explanation of the tutorials, check out our blog page.

Utilize Our Resources.

SolidFace presents extra resources to help our customers, including a live tech support team, a YouTube channel, and a blog site that provides a thorough library of professional records and a wide assortment of topics, and our SOLIDFACE training explains the skills you should become a proficient user. This will grant you enough information to get a jump start on SOLIDFACE. 

New 3D Builder (CAD) times.

The times when CAD-driven 3D builder advancement was a separate engineering endeavor are only remote memories. Now, to be a true computer-aided design professional, you have to comprehend much more than just the software. You must also incorporate collaborative communication and management skills that are essential to the success of today’s most innovative design and development projects.

But-even after years of engineering knowledge and work using the oldest CAD software-the question remains: how does one turn into a top CAD professional? 

Listed below are the secrets you should know! Stay Current on Developments and Best Practices.

As with every industry, one of the best ways to get to the top-and to stay there-is by fulfilling up with current demands, trends, software/technologies, and best methods. Things develop fast, especially when you’re employed in an area that’s driven and led merely by technology. But when you’re centered on modernization and constant enhancement, you’ll see rising trends, and you’ll have the ability to respond immediately to learn the skills that others will be slower to pick up.

Some suggestions to get you started:

Study books, journals, and informative articles that correlate to your unique (or sought) industry, leadership, and new tech and software tools. Then think how those ideas will impact your current engineering methods and adjust proportionately to stay fresh and competitive.

Stay informed of design trends and consumer needs in CAD. Standardize your design workflow so that you can adjust on the fly and stay adaptable to accommodate real-time needs. Always make sure you’re using the latest version of SolidFace CAD software.

If you are serious about being at the top of your industry, taking the time to achieve these things is mandatory. And when you go to apply for your ideal job, you’ll be on point, in a position to speak about what’s hot on the market sharply. Plus, it is likely to hint at all of the innovative ideas you have about how to reach customers what they desire right NOW. 

Leverage the Collaborative module.

Collaboration is the name of the game in and over most businesses now, and CAD and CAM are no exemption. If you have the abilities required to communicate efficiently, give ideas, and study from other groups, functions, and people, you’re ahead of many engineers (and people in general). To wow your chief really, always take it one step further and leverage the advantage of collaborative module available for free-on SolidFace.

Using a 3D builder to design new products used to be a reasonably solo attempt, but that’s no longer the case. In the name of working smarter, you need to collaborate, leveraging the expertise of many versus working by yourself and working with other functions instead of being isolated. And now, we have tools on the market to help you attempt effectively SolidFace Collaborative design is more revolutionary, more functional, and generally produces faster production over time. 

In short, it will ensure the skills needed to collaborate effectively, and in the next meeting, you’ll have the ability to promote your ability to progress products to your companies or clients in less time.

Effectiveness in managing design data!

Another great action you can take to showcase your skills and prove you are deserving of as a high CAD professional is to control your stats. Having quantitative data to substantiate your cases of better and faster creation and much more effective CAD processes will help you illustrate why you deserve that next job or pay raise. 

Your boss or the potential employer can’t argue with great, well-presented data!

SolidFace CAD is the perfect tool for helping you keep a record of all the modifications you have to show or do with your team. Discover how to use the software well, including the collaboration functions, to add real oomph to your design portfolio.

Transforming Your Engineering Efforts

If you are reading this, we know you’re ready to level up your next project and increase your productivity and performance using SolidFace CAD software, give all of us a shout! We are here now to help significantly. On our History web page, you’ll see that “We have been passionate about developing alternatives that help product design, engineering, and manufacturing businesses maximize their potential.” And it’s totally accurate. 

We work passionately to bring our peculiar touch to software engineering!

SolidFace team has been in business and developing for nearly 20 years now. In our time helping customers of all sizes who do a variety of massively impactful products, we’ve heard many reasons why customers hate Data Management (PDM). It will go something similar to this usually, 

“We hate PDM because…

We’re small businesses. and it is expensive.”

We use cloud storage, and PDM is to complex.”

We have a guy, and he’s part of our process.”

Now, all punchy headlines above, we all know these statements aren’t lying. In fact, our clients keep these facts to be self-evident. Walk their shop floors to meet their small teams, and you’ll see for yourself. Or have them explain their process, where they showcase how Dropbox is really a part of their workflow proudly. 

Better still, we often meet with their most prominent engineers with enough knowledge of their product and program. He/she will happily show us the problem that even the most senior engineers around couldn’t. All of this to see, if our clients are doing the best, they are able to with the support they will have, and the results they yield are excellent. 

The reality is, all of the proposed objections for not investing in a PDM system, are true explanations of why customers don’t want to be seriously considering this high investment. 

PDM, in short, is a high cost, complicated software that was built for large corporations. 

SolidFace Collaboration is a catalyst for continuous business development. Here’s how:

Small Companies, Big Profit.

Smaller businesses can profit probably the most from incorporating Collaboration to their business. The simplified techniques and processes will enable your business to not only scale but additionally be semi-automated. If you take the guessing out of all your regular concurrent tasks, you’re making yourself available for more bandwidth, more business, and more opportunity.

Not File Hosting Service.

Let’s be very clear; we love Dropbox too! However, a file hosting application is in no way fitted or should be handling all of your robust engineering files and version. We’ve seen what can fail. With SOLIDFACE Collaboration, it’s not a file system; it’s a lot more. Think about google docs but for engineering, for files, for design — everything you ever needed in a simplified way.

Have Every Part of your team working in the same workflow!

We reported why group data management sucks-and through our reviews recently, we discovered that group data management could be a massive difference for your business. Still, knowledge is lost when we secure it up; so, Collaboration methods are perfect for ensuring that all of our users and your team (engineers and more) have access to the right data. Don’t worry if you think some aren’t ready for that recognition (it sounds unbelievable, we know). Remember, our work takes the theory out of the development process. Then, your team can focus on what they’re great. Understanding your company standards and following them fully.

So, if you don’t think you will need PDM, you’re Right! You need the modern tool the collaborative experience we offer! In every seriousness, though, a lot of small businesses could reap the benefits of Collaboration. Often times, these lenders don’t realize it, which explains why we are dedicating ourselves to educating those customers. 

We’ve been speaking about everything SolidFace collaboration and why it’s a critical investment for business development. While in retrospect, most businesses know this, even little to mid-sized companies are usually not informed about the new processes collaboration can bring. 

Frequently, we’ve been teaching these specific customers on the incredible worth they are able to gain from adopting collaboration, but…that’s not enough.


We all know PDM is a significant investment, but collaboration is not; believe us, it is really affordable and will change your workflow. Nevertheless, if you’re considering what you’re spending versus what you’re receiving-you’ll obtain the full picture. In truth, with regard to this article, it might make sense to check out what PDM would really cost you. 

SolidFace gives both cloud and on-premise solutions. So, it is possible to host your computer data in-house locally, or you could have our excellent partners at AWS or AZURE to handle it with no coding, no implementation all build for you. AWS and AZURE have deep expertise in server hosting, network architecture optimization, and enforcement, as well as system administration and consultation. 

PDM Complexities.

The dealership sells you an electrical motor. However, they don’t teach you how exactly to maintain it. PDM is like this. It’s the closest point to that. PDM is adding complexity in every stage of the way to make sure you’re successful, and you will get overwhelmed with the complications you might foresee. Think of it as having to deal with the dealership, the driver, and the mechanic all in your PDM journey. We’re here to walk you through a better investment, teach you how to maneuver it, and use Collaboration to change your business.

See, they begin by retrofitting your PDM solution, but your job begins there. Their “professional engineers,” then, work hours and hours with you and look to understand exactly how your organization works to only them start to implement their high-cost solution. The queries are created to guide them through your procedure and workflow. The level of complexity and rules in this step have the goal to show how items go from inception to creation. However, they just add more complexity and costs. Then with their industry expertise in a number of different areas, they’re in making suggestions that may or not optimize your procedure and fill or create gaps in your process(s). After that, you can start the debugging phase. 

So if costs or complexities are getting in your way, ask yourself, Are they really? Or are you? Let’s have a discussion to understand your needs better and solve all with a simple modern solution! 

Cloud Collab security

Thank you for following along so far as we dug into the differences between PDM vs. Collaboration. The last & important portion of the facts for SolidFace when contemplating Public Vs. Private Cloud was the ability of partners, AWS and AZURE allow us, to control not only the Cloud-host but additionally the vault. With a Private Cloud, the vault is seamlessly deployed AND managed after the fact. Since AWS and Azure own the hardware and licensing, carving out virtual servers from a conglomeration of servers is easy, so scalability is not an issue. We’re able to manage the answer top to bottom level, all while reducing the quantity of time your design group spends on IT impediments.

AWS, Azure, is the best option we’ve come across have they’re application-agnostic, and therefore each platform work with our CAD on our terms, tailored designed for CAD. They leverage the most advanced Cloud technology to work with extremely elaborate tools. You don’t want to spend your time developing on a PDM platform for your own CAD data management and distribution, SolidFace has gone ahead and done it for you. It’s safe to say that there actually is no question on whether you should go private or public for your cloud solutions. Private hosting makes more sense from a cost, security, and management standpoint. The real question isn’t it time to talk is…when? 

Provide us a shout, and we’d become more than pleased to support and last throughout this process.



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