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There are many options to consider when making a 3d modeling software purchase, including pricing, functionality, and overall fit. We’ve broken down all SOLIDWORKS products available for purchase and the differences between them to help you see if SOLIDWORKS is the right decision. As you might know, you have a lot of more affordable and friendly options!

First: How to Buy SOLIDWORKS: Purchase a Subscription or a License?
SOLIDWORKS buyers have the choice of purchasing a license or a subscription. In accordance with SOLIDWORKS, a license is really a one-time buy, but it will not include software updates whenever a new version happens. A subscription, however, must be renewed each full calendar year but receives automatic improvements and unlimited technical support. This is usually the better option for customers because it gives them the usage of new functionalities because they are released.

PS: If you are looking for a free Alternative – check SolidFace for Free

Furthermore, most SOLIDWORKS products are organized in a three-tier program: Standard, Professional, and Superior. Each known level offers new functions, and the tier of SOLIDWORKS software you will need would depend on where and the way you are using it; for example, a commercial design firm will need different functions and modules than a group of students. But do the TIERS really make sense looking on a budget perspective?

Using SOLIDWORKS official CAD Pricing:


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Proves to be on the more expensive side of the market, with the entry point being almost $4,000!

  • SOLIDWORKS Regular CAD delivers robust 3D design ease-of-use and features. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Standard CAD is just about $3,995.
  • SOLIDWORKS Expert CAD builds on SOLIDWORKS Regular and introduces data administration, photorealistic rendering, and complicated parts and components library. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Process CAD is just about $5,490.
  • SOLIDWORKS Superior CAD incorporates the top features of both SOLIDWORKS Premium and Regular while adding reverse engineering features, powerful style and simulation validation tools, and more. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Premium CAD is just about $7,995.

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cost?
Many software applications already offer basic simulation features with-in their packages. SolidFace as an example has movement simulation and collision tests. But overpaying is always an option.

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard supplies the basics of style validation by enabling you to compare options, simulate repeated loading, and utilize failure prediction. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard is just about $3,995.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Expert adds a complete group of analysis and validation equipment to Standard’s capabilities and enables you to subject your styles to real-world stresses. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional is just about $7,595.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium may be the almost all robust simulation providing, with highly-advanced finite element evaluation (FEA) features at a fraction of high-end FEA software expenses. The cost of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is just about $11,595.

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Software Price:

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Administration (PDM) is very expensive and adds another complexity level to your design process. Newer CAD applications don`t have this issue. SolidFace has a collaboration feature specially build to resolve the most annoying problems in Data administrations. 

You can find out more info concerning problems on file versions and data management researching on google. Many SOLIDWORKS versions and other software applications have problems when dealing with data and version control. 


SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWORKS software program is CNC software for machine tools.

– SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated Knowledge-Based Machining technology that allows you to reduce errors and complete tasks faster. 

– 3 Axis Milling, Multi-Axis Milling, Mill-Turn, and Turning tools are also available.

SOLIDWORKS 3DExperience Pricing

With SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience software, design professionals can create and collaborate without constraint. Products are available for both conceptual and industrial designs, while SOLIDWORKS Platform Contributor is a more general use item for flexible and secure collaborative advancement.

SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication Pricing

SOLIDWORKS technical communication software enables you to leverage 3D CAD information to create dynamic graphical content material and create more compelling item information.

SOLIDWORKS Design Automation Pricing

SOLIDWORKS design automation software program automatically generates 2D and 3D drawings of one’s SOLIDWORKS CAD models and production data for reduced development expenses and increased productivity.

– DriveWorks SOLO may take one particular input form and generate 3D models automatically, 2D drawings, cover letters, Expenses of Materials, and more. It is possible to preview your creations, reuse present company data, and template papers to streamline your workflow and boost efficiency. 

– DriveWorks Professional builds on the features of DriveWorks SOLO and allows users to create a Custom Configurator that can enable your customers to configure products and streamline processes. 

– SOLIDWORKS DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool that comes with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is always installed in conjuction with SOLIDWORKS — you still need to activate it.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cost

SOLIDWORKS Electrical products combine the electrical schematic functionality of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic with the 3D modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D for one powerful, easy-to-use package. Price varies by the tool or software you are selecting. These prices can range from around $3,995-$12,745.

SOLIDWORKS Training Cost

While most of CAD software companies offer extensive free trainings, SOLIDWORKS users still have to get their Courses through a reseller, and they are typically very expensive, ranging from $500-$2,000 per employee per day.

We think offering free webinars and an extensive list of tutorial videos for free is the way to make our community more productive!

So, should I buy SOLIDWORKS?

So it’s no real surprise to us that a high % of the professional 3D modeling (CAD) users reach out to us, use SOLIDWORKS. The majority are looking to switch over to a more affordable option. Some want to change entirely and some are looking to use SolidFace alongside their existing CAD tool. If you’re a new, medium or advanced users of professional CAD tools like SOLIDWORKS, Creo®, Solid Edge®, NX™, CATIA® or Inventor®, selecting a different CAD solution can take a little time to get used to. Since every system does things slightly differently.

There are many explanations for why companies are looking to displace or augment their current CAD system. SolidFace CAD solves numerous issues connected with old CAD software, such as:

Better IP Protection – Zero sending CAD files by e-mail, FTP, or USB commute. With SolidFace, you share your software with edit or read-just permissions and unshare them whenever a project is complete. Your computer data never leaves our server.

Better Collaboration – No looking forward to visitors to check-in the assembly so that you can focus on it. SolidFace allows several visitors to work on exactly the same design simultaneously, either on a single part (!) or even more commonly, on a single assembly, therefore the project gets completed quicker with fewer bottlenecks.

No PDM Required – You don’t need to buy, install, or configure multiple chairs of complicated and expensive PDM software programs, just to stop folks from accidental edit, delete or move your work. With SolidFace, you always work on the latest version of a 3D model and every feature used by every team member is recorded, so you can undo and redo as many times as you like and your work is never lost.

Instant CAD Deployment – If you have a new design team member joining a project – an employee, contractor, or even a vendor – you can give them instant access to your SolidFace system and CAD data just by sending them your collaboration key. No waste of time and days or weeks for licenses or to provision a new computer. Get them going right away! 

Whether you’re in the market for a new CAD system or not, SolidFace can improve many areas of your business. But don’t take my word for it – sign up for SolidFace for FREE to experience for yourself the power and flexibility of full-cloud CAD.


First, if you want to find out the price of SOLIDWORKS, you need to join the company’s mailing list. As soon as you’ve done that, a fresh page shall screen the program’s price list. So, they don`t openly inform their prices!

As mentioned above you can find three tiers of the SOLIDWORKS modeling package, which will be the Standard, Premium and professional versions. A permanent permit for these variations will retail for $3,995, $5,490 and $7,995, respectively.

Or, you can find an annual subscription under a couple of grand.

There exists a Student version also, but it’s not free. You can’t find out by us just how much it costs, because it’s not explicitly stated on the SOLIDWORKS website. Also, in case you are a learning student and you also want to pay for students’ version, you’ll have to provide some type of identification proving you are a learning student.

There exists a demo version of the Commercial version of SOLIDWORKS available. To acquire it, you have to complete the form simply, request the demo, and await a representative to get hold of you. 

With regards to pricing accessibility and transparency of the program, it couldn’t be much easier than it really is with SolidFace. Less expensive it’s, easy to obtain, and you also don’t have to leap through any hoops merely to find the price of this program. And, as noted the entry version of SolidFace is completely FREE!

Within 5 minutes of deciding to try SolidFace, I had all the info I needed, had set up an account, and had SolidFace running on my computer.

In comparison, within 45 minutes of looking at the SOLIDWORKS site, I still had no idea how much the Student version costs and I had to look at a third-party site to find out the subscription details.


  1. The cost. Most users utilized their CAD in an organization that currently had a permit for me to use. And given the choice, some would use that every day. But when they left the company to start their own design company, they had to choose a professional CAD package to use every day. SolidFace has one of the lowest total cost of ownership for any full CAD package available today. But to be clear, I wouldn’t have chosen the cheapest CAD package for that reason alone, rather, I think SolidFace is the best value proposition.
  2. The ease of file export. SolidFace is by far and away from the best at simple things like exporting files. I know it sounds basic, but as a developer who continuously exports daily plenty of different formats, exporting documents from SolidFace is really a dream to become a reality. Perfectly click any entire body -> export and choose your format then. In NX or SOLIDWORKS, it’s at the very least 5 dialog boxes to export an STL.
  3. Amazing drawing capabilities. Simple to use screen states, easy but effective drawing equipment and thank god, you can easily make and make use of lovely drawing templates.
  4. File and teamwork Collaboration. It’s ideal for teamwork and totally replaces the necessity for file administration in something like Dropbox. Getting two different people logged in to the same record focusing on different components and viewing them update within an assembly instantly is a blast. Not needing to manage files is more productive. All the models from a project are in the cloud in a single document file. The whole idea takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it’s very cool.
  5. You can do all the standard things that SOLIDWORKS can do. This is actually an amazing pro because you can do every basic part modeling task fairly capably. It isn`t as powerful as NX or CATIA, but most of the time, if you’re not designing G2 or G3 continuity A-class surfaces, this is acceptable. At least for 90% product design goals, it does the work of easy to moderate complexity components for manufacturing. In that real way, it could pass being an entry-level professional tool.
  6. Updates fortnightly. The SolidFace team is working tough to roll out brand-new efficient modules, and since it’s nevertheless a new software with regards to the general maturity of other software in the field, each update is a slew of generally satisfying, low hanging fruit upgrades. The responsive, fast upgrades, make you definitely feel more comfortable with the lack of maturity in the software. Whenever you feel like a feature is missing, reach out to us and often the reflect on the will be that is going to be introduced into the latest update.


Reporting on its Q3 financials, Dassault Systemes stated that a number of SolidWorks licenses offered fell by 6%, yet the revenues from the division rose by 6%. Monetary analysts wondered how high the price will get — and what the cloud programs are for SolidWorks.

Gerardus Vos (Barclays Funds): On the prices of SolidWorks, it appears to be very strong inside the third quarter. The pricing for the products is at the bigger end already, if it’s compared by you to your competition. So, we know they will keep increasing prices until the demand is high.

What gives you the opportunity to continue steadily to push this up, and do you consider these types of rates are sustainable entering 2014 — the rates of raise?

a spoken from SolidWorks in 2013 – Thibault de Tersant: Sad that their strategy would not be to continue to increase prices. We have checked and now in 2019 and just a few adjustments and features the price of SolidWorks has increased dramatically.

If the plan is not to continue to increase the price for the base product, they haven’t been following their own plan!

SolidWorks on the Cloud 

In 2014 an Unknown Analyst asked: So what are the plans for launching cloud for SolidWorks?

Bernard Charles in 2013 replied: We are expanding SolidWorks — what we call a user-centric PC-based, workstation exercise — so they can use this 3DExperience platform. And the plan is to possess everything simultaneous [in the beta screening]. In fact, the customer tests going on now are going on for all application manufacturers.

If you fast forward to 2019, SOLIDWORKS has really limited CLOUD capabilities not even coming close to having Real-time collaboration.

In [2014], they made available the PLM world or the 3DExperience world for SolidWorks.

In 2019 new products of the SolidWorks family is only a revamp of old features and product lines. And as a matter of fact, since they introduced the customer 3DExperience last 2014, they never created a fully functional collaboration module.

One of their last product has the Mechanical Conceptual, which is an add-about to SolidWorks paid a part, basically an add-on. Because of it only ads a method for a SolidWorks customer to utilize the cloud alternative for collaboration, and connect to its own supply chain. 

So this is not interesting evolution of how PC-based CAD solutions have become used the cloud for expanded scope. 


Solidworks provides cornered the scholarly training and small business markets. Not because it is good, but due to an entrenched and aggressive sales strategy. This is actually the 3D modeling program I learned CAD on, and when it was used by me, It had been a love-hate relationship. Plenty of my peers complained about rebuild functions and times that could fail for inexplicable reasons, even do I often could look for a real way around these issues it was always very time consuming, but I stuck with i. Why, because I hadn’t utilized anything else. I think this is actually the default position of plenty of Solidworks users. The devil you know is preferable to the devil you don’t.

From an industry perspective, SOLIDWORKS cannot be an entry-level CAD program. It is not made to make it easy on new users, it is not practical. It isn’t created for surfacing or important curve control. Unless you know what those factors are, I might solve a basic issue, but it will fail if used for greater detail in surface models – it’s simply the difference between a surfacing modeler and a solid modeler. SOLIDWORKS basically doesn’t have the ability to design an automobile or a great many other items. For that, you need to intensify to Alias (for A-surface modeling), NX or CATIA. WHICH ARE EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE!!

To give you a deeper perspective, none of the big serious design companies use SOLIDWORKS. Off the top of my mind, Apple, Dyson, and Mercedes all use Alias and NX for different phases in the design process. No self-respecting top-tier design organization uses SOLIDWORKS. Whit that in mind, a HUGE % of mid and low-tier companies use SOLIDWORKS. I know this might appear to be a diss, but it isn’t. A large number of businesses use SOLIDWORKS, so it is a useful tool to possess under your belt, but it does not deliver the best COST/BENEFIT  if you’re seriously interested in CAD work you are going to need to step up.


It’s parametric solid modeling, done well. It’s about managing the function tree and making certain it is effective and well developed. When being taught how exactly to model in SOLIDWORKS, my teachers visited great lengths to ensure we constrained every sketch fully. And it’s really true, in SOLIDWORKS that is important because unless you, do the complete tree you can break your design, in case a sketch becomes undefined and conflicts with future features randomly. Let’s be honest, just how much of your time in SOLIDWORKS is spent fixing a broken feature tree? You would agree, up to 20% of an entire project could be spent re-developing and fixing broken functions. And god forbid in order to return back and make significant adjustments in the tree. You can spend hours just getting back again to where you were before. When I was a student, I just thought this was how CAD was, and that it was my job and duty to shepherd and manage a complex feature tree that could fall over at any moment. An extreme length of your time is spent planning about strategies to prevent the software failing, instead of focusing on the design.

I have news for you. It doesn’t have to be like this. But before I carry on, I will offer up an opinion, the solution I’m about to describe won’t be for everyone. It is my personal view on 3D modeling.

So, if you want to know my view and felling you should definitely try SOLIDFACE!


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