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Welcome to the PTV (Public Test Version) of SolidFace 2020

This version was created to provide an easy and innovative way for you to use our CAD software. The public test version is fully functional. It aims to test our most disruptive technologies with a massive user-base.

-License Ownership

SolidFace owns the PTV license. Users are granted access trough cloud key verification.

Design Ownership

The user owns all IP/designs created in the PTV version.

Software Access

Is defined by the ratio between online users and license availability. In case the number of users online exceeds the number of available licenses, an automatic queue will be created. SolidFace will always try to maintain the ratio balanced, so users don`t have to face constant queues.

Location Access

SolidFace PTV can be download and install on multiple machines. However, the files created on one device are not accessible through the cloud collaboration feature; they must be saved and sent to the other device via an external method. If you want to use collaboration please look for our PAID version.

-Billing Information

SolidFace PTV has a limited number of licenses, so we request real billing information as a way to verify our users. This verification will NOT result in any immediate charge!

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