SolidFace 3D CAD


2D Drawing

SolidFace provides an easy and innovative way to create parametric 3D models. Design complex solid, surface using top-down or bottom-up methodologies.

Sheets, Views and Annotations

Create drawing views of a part, surface, assembly, or sketch either on a single sheet or across multiple sheets. Create projected views, aligned views, sections with jogs, broken out sections, detail, broken and cropped views. Drawings can be annotated to comply with ANSI and ISO drawing standards. Add dimensions, ordinate dimensions, hole callouts, datums, geometric tolerances, weld and surface finish symbols, notes, tables, images and balloon callouts. Link part and assembly properties into drawing borders and notes with full associativity to ensure drawing details are always up to date.

DWG/DXF Support

Collaborating with 2D CAD systems is comfortable with SolidFace comprehensive import/export and sharing capabilities. DWG and DXF file formats can be exported in current and older versions for compatibility and interoperability. Imported DWG/DXF files can be viewed directly without any conversion required.

2D Simulations

Create 2D simulation just like 3D simulation for verification of mechanisms. The parameterization capability is one of the most significant advantages of SolidFace, and it is present in all design steps

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