SolidFace 3D CAD


Bill of Materials

SolidFace Bill of Materials (BOM) provides an authoritative and complete record of your parts and material needs. Configure and manage a BOM while simultaneously editing an assembly. Add BOM tables to assembly drawings with intelligent balloon callouts.

Custom Views

Dynamically display BOM data in a hierarchical table view or as a flattened parts list with part counts. Add or remove BOM columns to display any available component property and edit in place if required for a quick way to mass-populate data into an Assembly. Custom views are saved with the assembly, so each project can use a different set of data columns.

BOM Items

Non-geometric items that are critical to the assembly build such as adhesives, lubricants and paint can be inserted directly into the BOM from a predefined company-managed inventory. Bulk item definition includes quantity, units and the parts they are applied to.

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