SolidFace 3D CAD


3D Parts

SolidFace provides an easy and innovative way to create parametric 3D models. Design complex solid, surface using top-down or bottom-up methodologies.
Part Features

Instantly share your project with your team or supply chain using your software. Control which users can view, edit and/or export design data. Access permissions can be modified or revoked when a project is complete, providing secure control over your intellectual property.

Imported Data

Import CAD data in neutral and native file formats, such as DWG®, DXF®, STL, BMP, etc. Reuse legacy CAD data and make modifications when necessary, using SolidFace powerful direct editing tools.

Enhanced Feature Set

Each of SolidFace parametric design features perform multiple operations in one, reducing the number of features required, icon clutter and user training. Choose whether features create solid, surface add or remove material and which parts they should be applied to. Preview the effect of feature changes to the entire regenerated model.

Extensive Features

Create associative dimensioning adapted to several standards; Geometric operations and editing through direct entity or feature tree selection; 3D features construction such as Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep, and many others.

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